This post has a free Valentine’s Bingo Game printable in full color for the classroom or a scout group.

Free Valentine's Bingo Game

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You just knew I would make this, right?  You knew it and I knew it.  This free printable game is intended for use at class or group parties.  It could also be used as a reward for good behavior in February. The game could be played with candy hearts for markers (if they aren’t quickly eaten) or with the game markers page (print as many as needed of that page).  Of course, other markers could be used as well. It depends on the teaching situation.

Free Valentine's Bingo Game

This is a sample bingo board. Only four across or down are required to win. The pictures are appealing for kindergarten through grade two students, and easy to identify with the master cards which are included. All bingo game elements are provided in this printable.

Free Valentine's Bingo GameThis is a sample page with 4 bingo caller cards.  With four to a page, they are large enough to be held for all to see. These cards could be laminated along with the bingo boards for use in future years.

Free Valentine's Bingo Game

It could be used at a station at a party, too.  If used in timed stations with groups rotating, the children would just count the total squares covered when time was called to determine winners. Naturally, all participants in such a case would have to get some little token for a prize.



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