Free Printables Talk Like a Pirate Day

Free printables Talk Like a Pirate Day  — to help busy teachers in September. Back to school is busy enough without having to prepare for special days!

The first would best accompany a children’s book by Mem Fox, Tough Boris.

Talk like a Pirate Day is always September 19th. Tough Boris does all the things pirates do, but also displays emotion on the final page which is a surprise ending. This is a very short book.  If you haven’t read it before, do so before sharing with the children or to be ready to discuss the ending.

At this link, Mem Fox herself reads Tough Boris and several other stories aloud.  (a sound podcast, not a video)

My Pirate Words PDF work page and pocket chart cards, and awards, free, here

This is a book that could be used for surprise ending writing workshop prompts.  It has many adjectives and could be read emphasizing those words.  However, it tells how tough the pirate is, how greedy he is, and talks about his other pirate traits.  The ending (here comes a spoiler) is that when his parrot dies, he cries.  The surprise of the ending requires a second reading to be sure of what was read.  It is short enough to be read several times in a single sitting and will keep the attention of children for several readings.  Usually, pirates are not revealed as being people who would cry.

For children who only see the brave part of pirates and/or who try to be too brave, those tough little people, this book would be helpful in addressing the fact all people have emotions.  It is also just fun to read and surprise young listeners. The children will have many comments to share about this story.

Free Printables Talk Like a Pirate Day

Tough Boris and Pirate Pages free PDF collage photo of included pagesSee also a free PDF writing frame for children to write “WHAT IF” stories.  This printable also is an instant download. See the blog post for the book to read to accompany this writing activity at this link, PIRATE BOY by Eve Bunting.

What If Story Information PDF photos

Happy reading, Carolyn