Free Printable for White Owl, Barn Owl

This post has a free printable for White Owl, Barn Owl by Nicola Davies, and illustrated by Michael Foreman.

White-Owl-Barn-Nicola-DaviesWhite Owl, Barn Owl is a story of a young girl and her grandfather putting up a nesting box for a barn own and observing the owl in the evenings.  “How do you know a barn owl lives here?” the girl asks before the owl is seen, and grandfather explains about owl pellets.   Really, this story is full of nonfiction information about how to observe owls and all about barn owls.  This book is very true even for birders and adults but is written in a child-friendly way in story format for children to enjoy.

 Recently we went owling again at Hawk Ridge in Duluth, MN and reading this book tells much of what is told at the owl banding events we attend.  This time I even got to hold a live long-eared owl and have my picture taken, but it takes several weeks to get the photo.  When I read in this book about the hollow bones of the owl and the softness of the feathers, I can attest to that first hand.  I felt like I was holding almost nothing in my hands.  By adopting an owl, visitors to Hawk Ridge can hold and even release some owls.  In the day people can adopt raptors.  Sarah, the naturalist, always says if humans had ears as big as owls, we would be able to put our hold hand inside our ears.  Wow!

Free 2 page PDF work page and answer key: White Owl Barn Owl work pages and key FREE PDF

This is page one, and you can see it is a fill-in-the-blank work page.


The word bank is on page two with the rest of the comprehension questions.


Happy reading, Carolyn