Strega Nona is a children’s book by Tomie dePaola. He is the author and illustrator.

This post has a free printable for Strega Nona. It is a classic children’s literature book and is frequently used in elementary school classrooms. Tomie dePaola has written about 200 children’s books and he is very worthy of a class author and illustrator study.

Strega Nona is the town’s folk doctor and well known for her ability to help others in many ways. But, she is getting old, and puts up a help wanted sign as she needs some help. Big Anthony responds and agrees to all the work conditions such as to sweep the floor and never to touch the valuable pasta pot. At first, things are going along well, although Big Anthony is not known for being a good listener.

One day, he overhears Strega Nona sing to her pasta pot and watches it magically make her dinner. He keeps watching and thinks he catches what to do to turn off the pot, but he misses the three kisses Strega Nona blows after a little song. One day, Strega Nona is gone and Big Anthony cooks dinner for the town.

He is a hero until . . . he is unable to stop the pot from making pasta. Pasta fills Strega Nona’s house, overflows out the windows, and fills the town. The people in the town try to put up barricades, but nothing works. Strega Nona arrives home and knows just what has happened. She stops the pot the correct way and gives Big Anthony a punishment to fit his crime. She hands him a fork, and he must eat all that Pasta!

Children who hear this story delight in the fact a grown-up makes a mistake that is so big, and are amazed when pasta is all over the houses and roads. This story appeals to children in many ways such as the fun storyline, beautiful pictures, interesting events, and even a humorous way to discuss the importance of following rules. Children also enjoy the other Strega Nona books in the Tomie dePaola collection, as well as all his books.

Strega Nona Sequencing Printable

Click on the link for the instant download.

Strega Nona color page, sequencing work page and answer key PDF

First is the page for students to number the story events in order.sequencing work page

Next, is an activity page where students color and cut the cards apart. They could be glued on construction paper 18″ X 5″ or so in sequence. The answer key is the page before cutting apart. sequencing activity

Finally, there is a coloring page.

Strega Nona Coloring Page

Happy reading, Carolyn