Free Printable for Open Wide Tooth School Inside

This post has a free printable for OPEN WIDE:  Tooth School Inside, a book by Laurie Keller. This children’s book  has dense fun and informational text and cartoon illustrations.  Children will find this book hilarious, and adults will find it difficult to read aloud as there are many little cartoon characters around the pages that are making funny comments.  For instance, on the cover, there is a tooth walking and saying, “Where did I leave my toothpaste?”  One tooth with an angry face is pointing at the author’s name, Laurie Keller, and saying, “It is HER fault that we have to go to school!”  The teacher takes attendance and when there are 8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars, and 12 molars (including the 4 wisdom teeth), then the whole class is present.  The little teeth are ready for Dr. Flossman to being teaching!

Although this book is full of puns, jokes, and wisecracks, it is also full of excellent nonfiction information.  It is an entertaining way to address the subject of oral hygiene.  While Ingrid Incisor says she is allergic to toothpaste, a great discussion on tooth decay is also included as a chapter in a book the class is supposedly studying.  Information on different early cultures and their views of teeth are included at the end of the book.  Yes, George Washington, had fake teeth, but they weren’t wood, and it made it hard for him to smile.  There is even a funny true and false test, as well as a funny multiple choice test, at the end of the book . . . and a bunch more cartoons and teeth saying funny things.  This book is very fun for children.

If you are only going to buy one dental health book, this is the one!  (Scholastic)  Here is a link to other books by this author.  See also the TOOTH FAIRY SQUAD page with free Tooth Fairy Certificates for parents to give to children.  The site is by Ian Nicholls of Masketeers.

My FREE PDF work pages:  OPEN WIDE: Tooth School Inside, work pages and answer key, FREE PDF

collage photo of pages in freebie for the book OPEN WIDE

This is a sample work page — fill in the blanks. The answer keys are provided.


Hilarious reading, Carolyn

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