Diary-of-a-Fly-childrens-bookDiary of a Fly

by Doreen Cronin, illustrated by Harry Bliss

Diary of a Fly is a book in a series by Doreen Cronin that personifies an insect, a worm, and a spider.  The viewpoint of the book is from the main character’s point of view, in this case a fly.  Fly has 327 brothers and sisters which makes for some interesting reading, and she goes to school.

The first day she is so worried that she will be the only one eating regurgitated food, but learns all the flies at school do so as well!  Great news, right?  While this book is humorous and fun, it also slips in some factual information. 

The plot of the book is that Fly wants to be a superhero, and has many great talents such as being able to change direction while flying.  However, she is lacking some of the traits of a superhero, and this is all explained in a fun way.

The book is a little gross, so expect some comments!  However, most children really think this book is funny and even like to hear it read time and time again.  Or, this is the type of book that motivates some reluctant readers to get involved with reading.  This book is considered an easy reader with special vocabulary that would need to be reviewed and explained beforehand.

Free Printables for Diary of a Fly (2)

My free work page PDF: free-diary of-a-fly-printable (really, don’t print the I SPY cover page, just use black paper and save on ink, make eyes and the title with white paper). And the free I SPY and Observations PDF, for students to observe a living creature:  I Spy and Observe PDF

Free Printable for Diary of a Fly

Make as many copies of the observation page as needed, and staple together for a science notebook. I spy booklet cover to take notes when "spying" on flies

Happy reading, Carolyn