Free practice learning from art mistakes printable

This post has a free practice learning from art mistakes printable to use in conjunction with the children’s book Regina’s Big Mistake by Marissa Moss.

This book is a wonderful read aloud for children who feel any mistake on a paper means the paper should be crumpled up so they can start over.  The teacher helps the children in the class conserve not only paper but time.  Regina would like to toss her paper each time she feels she has made an error.  The other children are telling her she is copying their ideas.  How often children feel someone is copying in art and other subject areas.  All the children in the class are supposed to draw a jungle or a rain forest, so of course they will have similar ideas.  Regina handles the copying complaints herself by adding to her picture, no teacher intervention required.  With encouragement from the teacher, she finally has an excellent drawing because she keeps trying and working.  What an important and nice lesson!

My free PDF has children alter pictures or mistakes a little like Regina. The mistakes are already on the paper! What can the children create from these squiggles?

Regina’s Big Mistake work page, PDF, free (opens right here)Make-an-art-mistake-practice-fixingHappy reading,