Ms. Tonya at Strings, Keys, and Melodies has such a great blog post about nursery rhymes that I was inspired to make a free PDF.  Please visit her blog for a wonderful post about nursery rhymes!  Click on these words for the free nursery rhymes printable, or click on the picture below to get it. This activity helps scaffold emergent readers by using rhyme and repetition to help read new words.Free Pocket Chart Cards for Fun and Fractured Nursery Rhymes

The free PDF has word cards to arrange and rearrange to delight the children who will enjoy the funny poems that can be made. They won’t realize they are repeating the words as in usual “drill and kill” type choral reading. Repetition is the key to learning so this is one way to help students enjoy such practice.


You already know the dish ran away with the spoon. But what about the dish running away with the moon or raccoon? nursery rhymes pocket chart cards

You know the cow jumped over the moon. What about the cat or the fiddle? Hilarious (to some).


The rhymes are kind of like mad libs, and so there is a writing page for more independent writers, or those who could write with an illustrated vocabulary pocket chart displayed.

practice page for independent writers

Thanks for reading, Carolyn