This post has a free counting to 20 and and ABC ocean theme color dabbers printable. Half of this printable has ocean theme pages A to Z to use with those very fun paint dabbers.

Free Ocean Theme ABC Dabbers and 1to 20 PrintableThe following picture shows many of the pages included in the A to Z dabbers section of this printable.

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Ocean Theme ABC Dabbers

Dabbers ocean-theme-free-dabbers-a-to-z-printable

The use of dabbers by young children could benefit from an older child who is willing to be a role model and demonstrate their use. The older child at this session was a wonderful role model for the younger child.  As she was interested in dolphins, we also looked at photos from a how to learn to draw dolphins web page, and used that information for her to create a beautiful, artistc painting.  She had a great attitude and worked very hard!


The other half of this printable (and actually part one) is for practicing numbers 1-20. Clothespins marked 1-20 could be used for children to designate answers, or markers such as bottle caps might be used.

free practice 1 to 20

Remember to download the free printable for today!

Thank you for reading! Carolyn