This post has free March calendar pieces and calendars to download. One is a complete set of 31 lions and 31 lambs for your March calendar for use as the weather indicates. Click here to get just the student weather recording calendars through 2021, free. There is also a PowerPoint version of the slides to download through 2021.

March Calendar: Will the weather be a lion or a lamb?

Students like to record the weather in changeable March, and try to predict if it will come in and or go out like a lion or lamb.  Of course, they will be right whichever way the month ends. They will say they knew all along.  So if the weather is lovely, a lamb is placed in the calendar square that day.  If it is windy, rainy, or snowy, a lion number is used.  That is why there are two sets of numbers, just in case the entire month is only a lion or a lamb.  That happened one year, every day was a lamb and there wasn’t much excitement.  But usually, the weather is interesting during March.

Keep Track and Count the Number of Lion and Lamb Days

Free March Calendar Pieces and Calendars

The students will enjoy predicting the weather and will probably tell you they “knew” it would be nice or not outside! Here is the student record keeping printable.


Here is the accompanying student weather calendar numbers PDF.

free-calendar-numbers-March PDF

March Calendar Free Pieces and Calendars

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