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The Bear Theme Free Page Includes the Following Resources and More

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Free Bear Theme Alphabet Printable and Access to Protected PagesNumber Posters for 1-30

The number posters show several ways of representing numbers such as by coins, tallies, and number words. They are letter sized posters as are the alphabet pages. They would also be useful in a math center or at small group sessions.

Bear Theme Desk Toppers as Illustrated

No class theme is complete without adorable desk toppers! These print two to a page.


Bear Theme Days of the Week and Months of the Year 

Days of the week and months of the year are often reviewed at the morning meeting, calendar time, with songs, and also during math. These printable pocket chart cards may be used with pocket charts or on bulletin board displays.
bear cubs days of weeks and months of the year printable

Bear Theme Welcome Lettering

The printable letters are on pages with bear paw backgrounds to help welcome children to the classroom. They could be added to a door, bulletin board, or even the hallway.bear-cubs-alphabet-welcome

We hope you enjoy this bear theme! Thank you for reading, Carolyn