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What is Fibonacci?

What is Fibonacci? It is a math sequence and more can be learned at this easy to understand Kahn Academy video. We see examples of Fibonacci in everyday life mostly without noticing. Pointing out nature items that demonstrate the numbers can help children make a connection between math and real life. The posters are also in our premium eMember area. They can also be found on our free level eMember password protected page. 

Fibonacci Sequence Nature Letter Size Posters

For instance, a pine cone may have swirls going in opposite directions of the numbers 5 and 8, or 8 and 13. Have you ever noticed this? The spirals may be highlighted and counted virtually.

pine cones show Fibonacci numbers

Many kinds of flowers have 5 petals. It is easy to find examples of five in nature. Our hands have 5 digits, for example.


And most starfish have 5 arms.


These posters are to help children notice the world around them in greater detail, paying attention to math and science. We can walk around so oblivious to the learning opportunities surrounding us! I hope this will foster some interesting discussions for your students.

Download The Fibonacci Posters

Letter size math posters showing the Fibonacci sequence in nature in free eMembers area.


Thank you for reading, Carolyn