Show children in the beginning of the year what they will know by the end of the year. This notebook file could be used at fall curriculum night for parents to demonstrate what learning will take place in grade one.

Free end of grade 1 Everyday Math or any first-grade math program review — available in our free eMember area. 

End of Grade 1 Math SMART Board Review Free

This presentation requires the children to use slates, small chalkboards, or paper and pencil to follow along an participate.  Interactive slides included.  This SMART Board notebook file is free and opens right here.  I hope you find this helpful.

If you don’t have a SMART Board, you can get the free SMART Board viewer for home or school at this link: free SMART Board Interactive viewer from SMART Tech and these lessons may be used on an iPad with an app for SMART Board from iTunes (unfortunately, the app costs money but only once, and it can be used with any and every SMART Board file).

Thanks for reading, Carolyn