Dolphin Writing Frames Freebie and Wooden Spoon Craft

This post has a dolphin writing frame as well as an ocean theme wooden spoon craft idea. Safari Ltd. sent us some ocean creatures including a dolphin and got us started on an almost all summer long sea creature theme. The dolphin is available at this link (non-affiliate, non-sponsored).  This dolphin figurine is a Monterey Bay Aquarium model. Monterey Bay has fun online webcams for children to observe sea life. They have gifs of ocean life “specifically designed to ruin your working day” which would be great for helping calm children, as it is difficult to look away from them. 


Have you seen my free writing frames printable page in the password protected area? I have several fiction/nonfiction (narrative/expository) animal writing frames on that page. I taught second grade for a few years and the students did an animal writing project each year. The students would make posters and prepare a short speech as well they would share with other classes as well as parents.

Here is my dolphin writing frame PDF, which opens in our free eMember area. Select the pages you want which might only be the coloring page and print. This shows how we organized our writing project which is a beginner level research project. The fiction writing pages are prompts which could become longer stories. Rubrics are included for teachers and homeschools.

dolphin-writing-frames (free)

Dolphin Writing Frames and Wooden Spoon Craft

So I happened to have some unused, older wooden spoons and tools around and I thought of making this wooden puppets craft. I do not have directions other than to look and see how I did this. You may have additional ideas that would work as well or even better. By putting the spoons in a tray with handles, they can be manipulated from outside the tray. I know my dolphin looks like a cross between a shark and a dolphin! I painted the spoons and then just used permanent markers for the colors.

ocean-theme-wooden-puppet-craft idea

Although I used a permanent marker, the children used partly those and also used paints. Read more about this project at this link. making-a-clown-fish-wooden-spoon-puppet

All the fish didn’t turn out the very same and had so much personality!

Ages 3 through 8 worked on making all sorts of fish inspired by the ocean theme. one-fish-blue-fish-another-idea

We also enjoyed finding compressed washcloths in the Target dollar bin for some more wet fish fun!

And our favorite fish this summer!


Time to practice fishing for sea

As well as for sight words.

fishing-for-sight-words activity

Then there were names of actual sea creatures, too. fishing-for-sea-animal-names

See also more free printables and activities:

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We hope you are enjoying your summer! Thank you for reading, Carolyn



DIY Montessori 3-Part Cards How-To and Templates

The post at this link has information to help you make your own 3-part cards as well as some templates. The trick to making them yourself is to use a table and then merge some of the cells. So, begin with a table 2-columns by 8-rows. This may be done in many programs such as Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher.