Decorating, Play-dough Mats, and Sudoku Puzzles Pre-K Free PDF

This post has a Christmas Read and Play Free Printable. For my part in the Christmas Read and Play Blog Hop, I have a free Christmas play printable to use with young children. The activities are easy to use and you can pick and choose which pages you might like to print.  Alternately, you may be inspired to use your own similar DIY ideas. Here is a photo collage of some of the pages in use, and more photos are further down in this post. The printable includes decorating a paper Christmas tree and houses, play-dough mats, and Sudoku puzzles.

Christmas Read and Play Blog Hop and Free Printable

Father-Fox's-Christmas-Rhymes-book-coverThe book Father Fox’s Christmas Rhymes written and illustrated by Wendy Watson is nice to share during the holiday season as just one, a few, or all the poems may be shared.  It might be good to have on hand to fill a few minutes when cookies are baking or waiting for guests. Rhyming is important for the language development of children, and these are all about the season to catch their attention.

Secret things in secret places, whispered words and knowing faces . . .” is a line from this book that captures the excitement of the season for children.  The Sudoku puzzles in the free printable each have four rhyming words for a corresponding book activity.

Inside-Outside-Christmas-by-Robin-SpowartInside, Outside Christmas by Robin Spowart has adorable mice who are preparing for the holiday season inside and outside. Each page has just two words.  The mice are baking, buying, giving, lighting, writing, and more. Inside and outside both have love! So for this book, the tree and house decorating pages are the extension activity. There are pages to use with milk caps or just print on card stock and cut out the circles.  The free Christmas DIY play printable has mix and match activity mats for use with milk caps or card stock circles.

Christmas Read and Play Blog Hop and Free Printable

It also has a simple snow matching activity for the very young or children who enjoy the snow or who need an easy success experience.Christmas Read and Play Blog Hop and Free Printable

There are several play-dough mats of varying levels.  If the pictures are placed in plastic sleeves, they may be reused.  Only one copy of each page wanted would need to be printed. play-dough-mats-for-Christmas-free

There are also four Christmas Sudoku puzzles and suggestions for introducing and using with children. Sudoku-Christmas-puzzles-free-printable-tray-set-up-photo-of-puzzle-in-use

This picture has a view of each page included.

Christmas Read and Play Free Printable

Christmas Read and Play Free Printable

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