Counting and tens frames are basic math activities in kindergarten and grade one. In the spring, it is engaging for children to have the bright colors and seasonal pictures associated with the season for math centers or quiet activities. This post has printable pages for bunny and Easter theme math for kindergarten and grade one. I printed the pages on magnetic printer sheets. Magnetic pieces are fun and interactive for children to use when working on story problems or tens frames. bunny-counting-tens-frames-math

Magnets make fun work! making-a-story-picture-with-magnets

Here are some of the pieces included on a cookie sheet held up to show they are magnetic. Of course, they could be printed on card stock and laminated. Not every cookie sheet will have the correct metal. I have some that the school cooks sold each year for their fundraiser which are aluminum. So check if your cookie sheets will hold magnets. Probably the white board at school will also work.

bunny-counting-tens-frames-mathAn activity and a few of the other pages included are pictured next. First, ten frames math with a basket and a smaller tin. I used an empty DVD container to up-cycle it and not just recycle it. The tin worked very well and was large enough for the pictures included in the printable.

Counting and Tens Frames Math Bunny Theme

Next another scene for creating math story problems for the season. Oral problems could be created to accompany the tens frames. Students could even write their own story problems to share with classmates. There was always a unit in our math curriculum where students wrote their own story problems and other students solved the equations. This was more toward spring in first grade when the children were fairly good writers and also knew their math facts.


Instant Download

This printable is an instant download and available on this blog post. Click on the link below to download your copy.


Math Facts Accompany Counting and Tens Frames

For children ready for math sentences, there are some facts to print, as well. The facts could be used as a control card, or cut apart for making the tens frames to match. Of course, soon the children will move on to subatizing the tens frames and not depend on counting. Practice will help establish math fact memory.

Counting and Tens Frames Math Bunny Theme

Thank you for reading and I hope some people will like this printable.


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