Count to 20 in Spanish Free Power Point

This post has a free count to 20 in Spanish free Power Point. This is another collaboration with Strings, Keys and Melodies!  Today I have a free Power Point counting to 20 with puppies and animation, just keep pressing the space-bar for all slides to automatically show animated puppies. Below, find my free printable for counting in Spanish from 1 to 10.

Count to 20 in Spanish Free Power Point

See the YouTube video of Diez Perritos from Strings, Keys, and Melodies by Tonya Dirksen.  Read Tonya’s blog post at Strings, Keys, and Melodies.

Also, a free printable matching cards for counting from 0 to 20 in Spanish, PDF: free-count-to-20-in-Spanish


Thanks for reading, Carolyn