Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota was one of four trainings provided this year. Events such as this have been attended by people from 150 countries. There have been 42 such events with 20,000 people now trained to give climate change presentations. The next event will be in Tokyo, Japan, in October. Previously this year there was a training event in Brisbane, Australia. Topics such as the science of climate change, how it is affecting life around the globe, solutions now possible, and building momentum for world-wide solutions were presented and discussed. Those selected to attend had only to pay for their travel and housing for the three day (27 hour) event. Those who attend do so for free. Food was included, and meals and snacks were all vegan and gluten free. Three main questions were asked and discussed. This link is to a previous sample agenda PDF.

Must we change?

Can we change?

Will we change?

There were 50 speakers, large group, breakout, and group meetings. The governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz spoke. The two mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Jacob Frey and Melvin Carter were on one of the panels. They were serious much of the time, and also made quite the comedy team concerning city rivalry. Thomas L Friedman was another speaker. Will Steiger was in attendance. It was exciting to hear and see the speakers in person.

My mentor was from the DC area. Mentors each helped about 20 new attendees. There were 60 mentors at the Minneapolis event. Many of them, like the one who helped me, had been mentors at previous training events.

climate-reality-training-minneapolis-aug-2019 (3)

Al Gore was frequently on stage and was directly involved all three days. One thing that struck me was he mentioned when he first started climate change activism, the information they had to work with was several years old and infrequent. Now, they are getting information on a daily basis. The training was completely up to date and pertinent to Minnesota. When they have training in other cities, the information presented is focused on that area. As a new volunteer speaker for Climate Reality, my slide deck was specially made for Minnesota and completely up to date. I have access to other slide decks as well.

It was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center (eco-focused building) on August 2, 3, and 4, 2019.

climate-reality-training-minneapolis-aug-2019 (8)

Near the end of the sessions, each new volunteer is paired up with a partner to help keep us on track for our ten acts of leadership within the next year. This is me and my partner who lives in the eastern United States.

This is me and my partner who lives in the eastern United States

The group picture is also on the last day. Here we are — all 1400 of us attending the Minneapolis training.


Two facts were stressed. On, the sun provides enough power in a single hour for the needs of the earth for a whole year. The other, every storm is different now. Let that information sink in. The factual information impressed me. I am now a volunteer speaker, and if you would like to schedule a presentation for your class or grade level, I will follow up with a confirmation form such as this one.


Official slide presentations are available to trainers for speaking to groups in person.  Of course, I can make “unofficial ones” for teacher use in classrooms as well, such as this free PowerPoint for kindergarten through grade three. Mr. Gore has a sustainable farm and has a new program for farmers who want to transition to such farm techniques. I wrote about participating in a CSA. Good Nature Farm is green. They are using sustainable methods. Buying locally grown food is one way to help the climate. Al Gore offers a CSA if you happen to live near his farm!

Thank you for reading! Have a great new school year.