Chloe and the No Good, Very Sad, Deplorable Pandemic is a coloring book with a short story. As the months of the year pass, the pandemic gets old. For a while, school is at home, then there is hybrid school, then back to regular school, off and on again. It is a difficult time for an eight-year-old girl who happens to be Miss Owl. This paperback coloring book is available on Amazon. Miss Owl has been coloring with her gel pens which could take some time, but the colors and bright and neat. Colored pencils or crayons would also work. The artists for this book are Oxana Cerra of Teacher’s Clipart, and her son, Gabriel. They kindly drew images I requested as custom art. Teacher’s Clipart has previously illustrated my other books.


I ran the text through the analyzer and it is “unofficially” 410L through 600L. I think that is about right.


Miss Owl coloring with gel pens and thinking over the past year.


Miss Owl with a nice cake pop riding in the car. How is she supposed to eat it with a mask on?


Miss Owl choosing which colors of pens to use for her page.


Below are some images of the pages from the coloring book.

There were special rules for the pandemic like social distance, wear masks, and wash your hands extra well.

There were special rules for the pandemic like social distance 6 feet apart, wash your hands extra well, don’t touch your face, and wear a mask.


It was odd and a little scary to see everyone wearing masks.


By July, we had to cancel our trip to Paris to see our cousins and also we could not take the cruise with them.

By November, schools were closed again.

What would November bring? Would the school be hybrid or regular classes? Well, it was all distance learning.


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