Bully Themed Karmack Novel Free Literature Guide

A bully is in the novel Karmack for upper grades. This post has a short review of Karmack and a free teaching supplement book companion for teachers. Karmack by J.C. Whyte is an unusual twist on a story with bullies, and is told from the point of view of the leader of a small group of 5th grade bullies. Here is a link to a Goodreads page for this book, with more information.

Bully Themed Karmack Novel Free Literature Guide The idea of this book is based on Karma, so for the name of the little creature begins with that word.  Karmack helps keep the universe in balance, one set of bullies at a time.  So when the bullies pull a prank, Karmack “gets even” by pulling a trick on the bullies.  Usually, no one can see Karmack.  However, Sully, the leader of this small group of bullies, is “speedy-eyed” and is able to see and catch Karmack.  When he tries to show Karmack to his friends, though, Karmack changes into a tree.  So no one else can see him, which makes for some fun plot twists.  Being sort of like Mary Poppins, Karmack goes where needed and when things are balanced, moves on.  Written in an active, fun, humorous, kid-centered way, this book makes a great read for any child who has suffered at the hands of a bully.  Any bullies who read it might wonder when “what goes around, comes around.” This book would create some great discussions in class, and might help restore some balance in the universe.

Bully in the book Karmack, Free Teaching Supplement

Being intrigued with the ideas in this book, I bought it and read it, and was inspired to make a free teaching supplement.  The PDF is 22 pages long and is only useful if you have access to the book.  Another book won’t make sense with the work pages.  I included the answer keys, as usual.

Thanks for reading, Carolyn