The Bossy-R Farm products on Teachers Pay Teachers (with a freebie in the preview) have been updated as of July 2016. There are 3 products: a 150 page PDF in our Premium area on the literacy page, a PowerPoint with the PDF, and a SMART Board Notebook file with the PDF. There is a free word sort in the preview (demo) file (opens here). If you already own this product, you may re-download it for free.  Do you check your products on TpT? I often notice sellers have made updates to things I have purchased. It is a good idea to check your “my purchases” once in a while to see if there are new versions to download.

Bossy-R-vowels-PDF-150-pages-on-TpT     Bossy-r-controlled-vowels-with-PPtx-PDF     Bossy-r-scontrolled-vowels-SMART-Board-notebook-file-and-PDF

The new revision to this product includes a bulletin board in both a smaller and a larger size.  Sometimes teachers decorate their closets or a corner of the classroom in addition to bulletin boards. Bossy R Farm Bulletin Board, Game, and Word Sorts

Student Project-Based Learning

A similar project for students is included with two options. One option required more cutting and has more pieces. They both begin with two pieces of 12″ X 18″ construction paper overlapping and glued together to form the earth and sky. A barn is added, and then the additional pieces.. Bossy-r-student-project-option-one

Option two has fewer pieces and less cutting. bossy-r-farm-option-2-fewer-pieces

If you don’t feel like making a bulletin board, there are word wall cards and simple posters to print. Bossy-r-posters-alternative-to-bulletin-board

There is a game in both black and white as well as color for printing options. There are directions for using it as a center and as a game.


There are worksheets and word sorts as well. The PowerPoint is fully automatic and animated so a teacher just has to keep pressing enter to show the words to the class. Steps for making the project are included.

work-pages-for-r-contolled-vowels    word sorts for bossy r vowels

This is the table of contents so you can see what all the pages are.

Table of Contents
1. Displays

Bulletin board or class display small and large sizes
Pages 6-17 Smaller area Bossy R classroom display
Page 8 Photo of bulletin board display
Pages 18-38 Larger Bossy R bulletin board or display
2. Student project 2 options
Page 39 Instructions for 12” X 18” paper background for either option.
Pages 42-46 Cut out figures and words (more difficult option)
Pages 47-50 Cut out cards with words included (easier option)
3. Game or center in black and white and in color
Page 53 Center directions
Page 54 Mat for all cards (game or center)
Page 55 Individual mats (game or center)
Pages 56-65 Black and white word and picture cards
Page 66 Black and white game board
Page 67 Center directions
Page 68 Mat for all cards (game or center)
Page 69 Individual mats (game or center)
Pages 70-79 Word and picture cards in color
Page 80 Game directions
Page 81 Color game board
4. Work pages and answer keys
Pages 82-91
5. Large word posters in color
Pages 93-104
6. Word sort work pages and answer keys
Page 106 er-ir-ur student chart
Page 107 er-ir student chart
Page 108 er-ur student chart
Page 109 er-ir-ur words for students to cut and paste
Page 110 er-ir-ur words answer key
Page 111 er-ir word sort cut and paste
Page 112 er-ir answer key
Page 113 er-ur word cut and paste
Page 114 er-ur student answer key
Page 115 ar-ir-or student chart
Page 116 ar-or student chart
Page 117 ir-or student chart
Page 118 ar-ir-or cut and paste page
Page 119 ar-ir-or answer key
Page 120 ar-or cut and paste page
Page 121 ar-or answer key
Page 122 ir-or cut and paste page
Page 123 ir-or answer key
Page 124 5-way word writing chart, use with pages 11 and 20
7. Pocket chart or word wall cards
Pages 150-156 Word card pages for individual practice
Page 150 Title page for the illustrated word pages that follow
Page 151 –ar words
Page 152 –er words
Page 153 –ir words
Page 154 –ir words (second page)
Page 155 –or words
Page 156 –ur words

Also included: a bossy-r work page for the picture book: Basil’s Birds, for enrichment differentiation.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

Bossy-r-farm-to-teach-r-contolled-vowels-product-on-TpT freebie in preview file