Need a pre-planned day or substitute day that has everything needed for a whole day? We have one in the Free and the Premium Amembers area to download.

Alphabetical Order Substitute or Class Theme Day All Subjects

Emergency Substitute Plans: ABC Order Sub 2 Days, all materials included, PDF of 177 pages

There is a freebie in the preview file which may be downloaded at the next link.


For Grade One (second semester) or Grade Two (fall)

This PDF is great for the substitute binder.

This file has everything and more a substitute would need if a teacher needs to leave emergency plans or has little time to plan for a sub. These situations come up quickly and it is good to be ready. The students could work on a “QUILT” of activities during the day, coloring one quilt patch at a time after finishing work. The substitute may look at the quilt cover and know how students are progressing. This is a flexible plan with differentiation and options.

Items included in this lesson:

(print all or just some)

Page 5-13 Teacher information

Page 14 Quilt cover (similar to tic-tac-toe organization)

Pages 15 and 16 optional reading centers #1 and #2 self-assessment rubric pages

Page 17 Math center recording self-assessment rubric page

Page 18 Read the room

Page 19 Favorite ABC book

Page 20 ABC word wall

Page 21 Word work practice (words provided or direct students to another classroom list)

Pages 22-26 Poetry center

Pages 27-34 My ABC Booklet pages for children to write/draw, cut apart, arrange in order,

have stapled. This takes a long time, and children may use their alphabet books as

they work. See also pages 171-177 for a plain ABC book format.

Page 35 My own ABC idea page (for fast finishers)

Page 36 Silent reading directions poster

Pages 37-46 Teacher posters for explaining directions, pick and choose what is needed today.

in the event of a teacher being absent, these posters will provide structure for the activities


Pages 47-63 Words to sort into ABC order when reviewing alphabetical order and corresponding work pages:

Red words, arrange by first letter

Blue words, arrange by second letter

Green words, arrange by third letter

Purple words, arrange by fourth letter

Pages 64-71 Work page options corresponding to the word cards

Page 72—Color awards to print for students

Page 73—Black and white awards to print for students

Page 74—87 Math center and worksheets with differentiation

Pages 89-95 Pocket chart cards of math words to arrange in alphabetical order,

optional, to accompany page 82 or for small group

Pages 96—101 Math word problem pages, optional

Page 102–116 Sports fun alphabetical order center and recording page

*Note: The math number word answers are arranged in alphabetical order.

Pages 117-118 Sports fun alphabetical order cut and paste

Pages 118—133 School objects alphabetical order center with recording page & pocket chart cards

Page 134-143 Extra ABC pictures for student made booklets,

(several extras for more difficult letters, perhaps run more of w-z pages)

Pages 144-147 Social studies wants and needs pages

Pages 148-152 Science bridge activity, 4 pages,

white paper and tape required, demo or groups

Page 153 Let’s Discuss Us story with the words responsible and citizen & corresponding writing pages

Page 168 Math trick — impress the students

Page 173-179 Plain ABC booklet for self-motivated independent writers to create their own thematic alphabet books

Teachers could optionally print and have some of the materials ready, or just print one copy and leave school. The one thing about this plan is that ABC books (alphabet books) are required for different activities. These could be arranged for ahead of time or after the day has begun.

If teachers want to make the centers ahead of time and laminate them, the materials could be left together for another day another year.

The activities alternate between time-filling and allowing some movement. Options to select from.

There are two versions of this day in the premium Amembers area. One is for the SMART Board, and one is just PDFs.


Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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