Free Butterfly Letter and Color Matching Montessori Inspired PDF

Free Butterfly Letter and Color Matching Montessori Inspired PDF

This post is about a new free butterfly letter and color matching Montessori inspired PDF printable in our free emember area.  To join, click on this link.  Free area printables are always free.


I was so intrigued by Toobs animals and realistic objects that I was seeing on Pinterest that my husband bought me a butterfly Toob.  Note:  I am NOT an affiliate.  I noticed the answer keys on Deb Chitwood’s Living Montessori Now post about Toobs.  Well, actually I noticed it after thinking I could figure out the butterfly names (I couldn’t figure them all out) and also found incorrect lists online for the product.  I learn the hard way, I guess, so from now on I’ll just go to Deb’s page.  Safari Ltd. provides her with free answer keys. I’ll save time the next time!

So my idea was that children LOVE to use magnifying glasses and there are few real, authentic opportunities to do so.  The names on the butterflies were so small I had to get a magnifying lens, and realized children would like to do so, also. First, some exploration is needed as the children will be curious about what is in the kit.  Different strengths of lenses would be fun for them to try.


Then I remembered many children love to learn big words and scientific names for things so I thought of a letter matching activity.  Now, this is not for a spelling test, just fun matching for the butterfly names. So I thought of using the letter tiles, too.


It is easy to get confused when trying to match the longer words, though, so first I though each letter should have a marker.  This makes it easier to match the letters to spell the words. The children can select the number of markers, or use the spaces already prepared for them in my free printout.  This printable is in our always free emember area which is free to join.

tray-set-up-with-markers-for-the-number-of-lettersThis is a photo of the work partly completed with some of the letters selected.

tray-set-up-with-markers-matched-to-some-lettersAnd finally the entire butterfly’s name, Evenus Regalis.


The printable also has simple color matching cards for several colors of butterflies.

blue butterfly simple matching card pages

Instructions are included and the entire PDF is 28 pages so teachers and parents may select which pages are desired for their students or children.

 using-the-printable-butterfly-pages-informationThank you for reading, Carolyn

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Editable Calendars and Birthdays 2015-2017

Editable Calendars and Birthdays 2015-2017

Just updated through 2017! Each year I update my editable calendars and birthdays  2016-2017 product on Teachers Pay Teachers.  The first year was 2011.  So, if you already own this product, you may re-download for free.  If you do not have it yet, be assured it is updated and is always a year ahead for busy teachers.  Many of the files are editable, but of course they do not have to be edited for use.  Editing means the pages may be personalized for the class, as teachers can add the names of students to the pages if wanted. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a new freebie, too. 

Calendar Time, Birthdays 2015-2017 and Printable Student PDFs
Please see preview file at this link for more information.
14 files including: 
Editable birthday display and awards PDF
Editable classroom calendars PDFs for 2015-2016, and 2016-2017
Editable class writing PDFs for birthdays and student of the week class books
Editable teacher color monthly calendar recording pages PDFs 2015-2016, and 2016-2017
Editable student black and white monthly calendar recording pages PDFs for 2015-2016, and 2016-2017
SMART Board file 50 slides, monthly calendar recording pages 2015-2017
Power Point file, the same 50 slides, monthly calendar recording pages 2015-2016
SMART Board file, 30 slides, for highlighting birthdays and star of the week students
Put your student’s name up in lights by adding their names to these slides with different themes.
Printable star of the week poster 18” X 24”
Printable birthday poster 18” X 24”

The editable PDFs may be edited or not (student names added, for instance). If the blue squares are not typed in then nothing from that space will appear on the printout. The calendars may be printed without editing and students could write on the paper. If a class calendar is printed out without editing, students might color code the different weekly events such as coloring library days yellow, and gym days blue. The calendars could be sent home to parents.

The birthday month letter sized poster have space for teachers to type in student names. For sure, though, the editable birthday awards would be good to personalize.

editable birthday posters and awards

There are covers, drawing pages, and writing pages for the students to make a booklet to give to the birthday child on his or her birthday.
one of several covers for classroom birthday booksEach morning, or tally a few times during the month and at the end of the month:
*record a tally for the type of weather
*record the number of school days in 100s, 10s, and 1s
*record special news such as who lost a tooth
*show the date on the calendar
*circle the day of the week
*recognize birthdays and create class booklets
Kindergarten, Number and Operations in Base 10, Work with numbers 11-19 to gain foundations for place value.
Mathematics, Grade 1,
CCSS.Math.Content.1.MD.C.4 Organize, represent, and interpret data with up to three categories; ask and answer questions about the total number of data points, how many in each category, and how many more or less are in one category than in another.

Now for the new freebie, editable birthday awards on Teachers Pay Teachers. I know you will like this printable! Free-Editable-Birthday-AwardsThank you for reading,
Carolyn Wilhelm, NBCT
Calendar Time, Birthdays 2015-2017 and Printable Student PDFs

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Free Bubbles Montessori 3 Part Cards with Definitions

Free Bubbles Montessori 3 Part Cards with Definitions

Today’s post is short with a free bubbles Montessori 3 part cards with definitions printable.

free bubbles-3-part-cards-with-definitions
Free Bubbles Montessori 3 Part Cards with Definitions

Thank you for reading.  Carolyn

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Free Misty the Amazing Dog Emergent Reader

Free Misty the Amazing Dog Emergent Reader

free-stories-by-Lois-CaswellThis post has a free Misty the Amazing Dog emergent reader printable, and also the full story for ages 10 and up. Lois Caswell, everybody’s Grandma, is at it again with a new story to share.  Although most of this story focuses on the dog, it took place in the 1960’s in England when her husband was stationed there during the Vietnam War. The free emergent reader version is about just the dog. The 2 page short story would be a good primary source historical read for ages 10 and up.
By the way, have you seen the page with all of her stories so far? The page has all the free stories and printables in one location for quick access.

Free-Misty-the-Amazing-Dog-Emergent-Reader-printableFor readers ages 10 and up, here is the original version of the story Lois wrote.  For students with an interest in history and dogs, it would make a great read for students who may need a back door approach to learning historical information.


Because her husband, Earl, was in the U. S. Air Force it meant moving. He was stationed at RAF Greenham Common Air Base in Newbury, Berkshire England just before the Vietnam War. They lived there from 1961 thru 1964.

After reading the story, I asked Lois the following two questions.

What did you use the Kerosene for that was mentioned in the story ?

We used it for heat as there was no central heat in the homes in England.  The folks there usually heated one room at a time either with a fireplace or a kerosene heater. They were small cylinder type things . ( I also remember we had one to heat the bathroom  on the farm when I was a little girl). You couldn’t leave these heaters unattended or they would somehow clog up and smoke up everything with black soot.  What a mess that could be.

What did you use for light?

Our electricity seemed the same as here but it was run by a shilling meter.  You put coins in as you used it. A shilling was about 25 cents back then. I don’t remember how long one lasted for electricity.

Then Lois said, “Answering these questions makes me think of a whole bunch of other stories like my trip to England on the Queen Elizabeth II.” We can look forward to more stories.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn and Lois

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Free Soccer Theme Chatterbox and Number Roll Activities

Free Soccer Theme Chatterbox and Number Roll Activities

This post has a link to my newest product, a free soccer theme chatterbox and number roll activities on Teacher’s Notebook.  There is one chatterbox which has two pages of directions, as well as two number roll activities. Just add dice! One of the number roll activities includes addition.  A make-your-own-game is included for children who like to make paper games, which has a paper playing field. It is soccer fever time, after all.

Free Soccer Theme Chatterbox and Number Roll ActivitiesThank you for reading.  May your favorite team always win!



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